Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book/Song of the week!

This weeks book of the week is *Insert drum roll here* Halo!
"Its very powerful, but the teacher got mas when one of the boys said something about Lady Capulet"
"What did he say?"
"He called her a MILF, which must be offensive because Miss Castle called him a thug and sent him out of the room. What is a MILF?"
"Some Acronym for a teenage obscenity, I imagine"
"Yes, but do you know what it means?"
"Its a term used by adolescent males used to describe a woman who ib both arrtactive, and a mother"
"I'm sure it must stand for something"
"It does, Ivy can you remember what it stands for?"
"I believe it stands for Mother I'd Like to.......Befriend"
"Is that all? What a fuss over nothing. I really think Miss Castle needs to chill"

This weeks song is 'One man drinking games' By mayday Parade! This song is amazing!


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